Are You Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound?

My five-year-old grandson, Levi, loves superheroes.  He often tells me, “I’m Spiderman, but you can call me Peter Parker.”  He has instructed me on the finer points of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, including who wears what color.  His reference book includes the stories of countless superheroes, not just the well-known mainstream heroes.  Levi knows the human weaknesses of each one and how each received his super powers. He loves them all.  He almost always has a small action figure clutched in his little fist.  He understands there are good guys and bad guys, and in his perfect world, the good guys always win.

So, when doubling our number of monthly donors in 2015 became a goal, I turned to Levi for inspiration.  You see, superheroes are extraordinary, and so are our regular contributors.  Only 12% of our donor base has a regular plan to help meet our financial obligations.  The need is daily, as men and women in our community are scared, pregnant, homeless, jobless and without hope.

Superheroes are the good guys, and so are our Superhero Supporters.  Satan comes only to kill, steal and destroy, but our stated cause is to serve these families, helping them find hope, freedom, and forgiveness in Christ through relationships.  Regular monthly contributions range from $10 to $500, given by retired people, executives, and everyone in between.  They have a unique opportunity to join in the battle with us.

You can depend on superheroes.  Our Superhero Supporters are currentlysupplying 25% of our monthly budget.  Their generosity is a fragrant offering to God, and we praise God for them.  2014 saw the number of transformational relationships double from 2013, and there are still countless relationships to be formed.  Our financial needs are increasing as well.

Superheroes make a difference.   We believe God calls us all to personally invest in families.  By being a Superhero Supporter, you gain an opportunity to answer this call of God on your life.

Alright, back to Levi.  He wasn’t very taken with the PINK Superman emblem, but he was pleased that I had learned something from him that I could pass along to you.

So, what do Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Marie, Steve, Dan, Angie, Michelle, and John have in common?  They are all ordinary people with a super-human ability to impact lives for the better.  Won’t you be a Superhero, too?