If you really stop and think about the setting and circumstances of the birth of Jesus; you’ll realize how utterly chaotic they were.


A 15 year old pregnant, unmarried girl; that’s a scandal even in today’s society, claims to be having a child without ever conceiving one.  She’s about to give birth, so she travels miles from her home on a donkey, away from her family and support system.  And if I can interject, that sounds like a hot mess express right there.


But you know the story gets worse before it gets better. The teenager and her husband are forced to deliver the baby in a shack or cave of some kind; regardless they were surrounded by animals and it would have smelled and would have been very dirty. Not ideal, even in Biblical times.


Oh, then there is a death warrant for the newly born infant and just in case he can’t be found; thousands of other infant boys are killed… just in case. So instead of setting up a cozy room for the new baby, the newly formed family must flee for their lives.


Nothing about this story seems good, except it was.


Today we did a new intake on a young woman. Her story is chaotic and tragic. Like Mary, she’s young and she has no place to go and no one to help her.


We almost didn’t get to meet her. She had been to other similar places and she was hounded for her decisions and judged because of her past.


She stated, "All they did was make me watch stupid ancient videos and never would listen to me when I would talk to them about my problems. I didn’t need videos; I need help from a person."


She was afraid that Helping Hands would be the same way. But she left extremely grateful saying, “It's nice to actually meet someone that is interested in helping you and not just your baby. That's what I really need.” 


I could go on and on about how the design of all of our services are focused on relationships, with the intent to show and share about the one that was born through a series of ridiculous events; to save those that find themselves in chaos and tragedy. But I will leave it at that, if you doubt what we do and its effectiveness; call me.


Even better, before the year is over, partner with us; to be the one place a woman can go, regardless of her choices or circumstances, and find acceptance and the help she needs to face unimaginable situation.