A Bright Future


Recently, I attended our daughter’s 8th Grade Graduation. I love things like this, regardless of the cramped spaces and long program. There is so much promise, talent, intelligence, and hope for good things to come evident in those short hours.

I loved watching all the students walk purposefully up to receive their certificates, dressed up looking their best. Some were shy, some were beaming with pride, some were nervous, but they all shared one thing; they’d made it, they completed nine years of school.  Somewhere along the way, someone has poured into them, someone has believed in them, someone made sure that they had the opportunities to complete the requirements to graduate.

Okay, you’re right it is just “8th Grade Graduation.” But the other side to this, and believe me there is one, is that there isn’t someone, there aren’t opportunities and there isn’t a sideline cheer leader ensuring they finish all the requirements.
How do I know? I’ve met them. I’ve sat across from them. I’ve hugged them and told them they do have value, regardless what the rest of the world has told them. People who believe in the Cause of Life, have poured into those that haven’t, couldn’t, and didn’t.
And you know what happened, people’s lives were changed; the ones investing, and the ones receiving. Friends, don’t wait. Don’t wait until you’re healthier, an empty nester, more established, or whatever; decide to make a difference in your community now. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of seeing someone succeed because you decided to show up and love like Jesus does.
If you need an avenue to do so, contact me today. Don’t assume someone else will fill the role in someone’s life; do it.