Life, especially facing a pregnancy decision, was never meant to be done alone. Helping Hands’ staff and volunteers are here to help and meet women and families where they are at in life. We call it #LifeTogether. The following services are offered at both Bluffton and Montpelier locations.

Client Advocacy
Making difficult life decisions and changes requires help. Women, men, and their families looking to tackle life goals, overcome difficult situations, or begin building healthier relationships with others, can be matched with a volunteer who will work directly with them to achieve those goals and overcome obstacles.

#LifeTogether Program- Empowering you to provide for your child.
At Helping Hands, we want to lend a hand in providing baby items you may need. Our programs and services are designed to help you earn credits to “Purchase” materials you may need for your baby.

Maternity Clothes Loan Program
Expectant mothers have enough to worry about. Helping Hands provides a room full of trendy maternity clothes for all seasons and in all sizes for the ever changing pregnant woman.

Working Moms
Moms who are working and trying to care for their children have a tough job balancing all the pieces of life. Helping Hands wants to support women and their families as they strive to make a difference for their families by providing material assistance and encouragement.

This group meets weekly to offer Men and Fathers in our community positive reinforcement in making life-affirming decisions on behalf of their families, opportunities to seek advice and gain support from other men, and to build new and healthy relationships that can instill the hard truths of fatherhood and what it really takes to be a man. 

Ever just need a break? Or even feel Isolated at times? Join us weekly for an hour of encouragement, a chance to build new friendships, and fun all the while earning credits to get things you need for the baby.

Post-Abortion Support
Sometimes we make choices we regret; abortion can be one of those choices. Helping Hands offers confidential counseling for women seeking to deal with or healing from a past abortion.

Medical Support:

  • Free, confidential, medically verified pregnancy test with confirmation letter.
  • Free Limited OB Ultrasounds up to 24 weeks including pictures of the new little one!
  • Pregnancy Health education on a variety of topics ranging from pregnancy milestones to child birth.
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Bereavement Support
Experiencing the loss of a child through a miscarriage, still birth, or ectopic pregnancy is often a grief suffered alone. Seeking out one on one or group support for the loss can be crucial to your well-being.

Baby&Me Tobacco Free
Expectant mothers and partners who have a desire to quit smoking by the end of their pregnancy earn $25 in free diapers per month for the first 12 months of the baby’s life. That’s a $300 value!

Safe Sleep
“On average, at least one child dies each week in Indiana as a result of bed sharing or sleeping in an unsafe environment.”- This program provides safe sleep education and Pack-n-Plays to parents, as a measure to reduce the number of sleep-related infant deaths.