Nurse Manager - Bluffton

Heather McFarren joined Helping Hands early on in 2017 and became part of our team as the Nurse Manager. Heather felt called to Helping Hands when God changed the desires of her heart to fulfill His purposes. She felt blessed to be able to use her Nursing Skills to share her Faith and testimony in Christ. Now, Heather does all of our ultrasound scanning and pregnancy testing here at the Bluffton Center. From time to time, you will see Heather facilitating our Smoking Cessation program while providing other medical services to our clients. Heather is a wife of 13 years and mother of 3 beautiful girls. She enjoys spending as much time as she can with her girls by serving in her church in many outreach projects. Heather and her family also spend their time being very active together as a family by swimming, being outdoors, running, and even watching her husband run in Marathons. We are thankful Heather has become part of the Helping Hands Team.