Alexa has been with Helping Hands since December of 2013. Alexa started her journey through Helping Hands as a client 5 months pregnant struggling with a lot of the same issues the clients we see daily facing. Knowing that Christ had different plans for her and her children, Alexa remained actively involved with Helping Hands programs, and worked very hard to achieve the life Christ had planned for her. Alexa felt called to do more with Helping Hands and then God blessed her with the opportunity to become part of the Helping Hands team. Alexa started out as the receptionist and is now working directly with clients who have struggled with some of the same issues Alexa too has faced. Alexa has the desire and willingness to walk alongside women and families in making life-affirming decisions that can better their chances at a different life, because she knows it can be done; its Christ's plan for all. Alexa is a single mother of a little boy and girl and is currently in school working towards a degree in psychology. Outside of Helping Hands, Alexa likes to spend time with her children, binge watch Netflix shows, and spends time with her family as much as she can. Alexa also values her alone time to sit back and spend one-one time with Christ.